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6 of July, 14:46

The state Commission approved the crew of the next expedition to the ISS The state Commission approved the crew of the next expedition to the ISS. The orbit will go to Russian Anatoly Ivanishin and his colleagues from USA and Japan Kathleen Rubens and Takuya Onishi. It was this Troika for the first time will fly on the spacecraft "Soyuz MS".

The hotel ended with the traditional press conference with the crew. For Anatoly Ivanishin this will be the second start. 5 years ago he flew to the ISS and spent six months on the station. The rest of the crew are newcomers. Takuya Onishi in the past was a pilot in civilian "Boeing". Kathleen Rubens - scientist virologist, she studied the viruses HIV and Ebola. On the ISS it will be interesting to conduct medical research. The crew will fly on the new ship. Type the new ship - "Soyuz MS-01". MS means "upgraded system". The ship received a new telemetry system and satellite navigation. In addition, the system has changed and the location of the engines. What changes have occurred, asked Anatoly Ivanishin, and that's what he told me.

New Soyuz MS has become completely digital, so testing all of its systems will continue in flight, and the astronauts will not fly 6 hours for short-circuit, and as many as two days. But Anatoly Ivanishin in its first flight it was flying, so for him it is a familiar pattern. The missile has already been installed on the legendary Gagarin's start. It will soon fill up. The launch of "Soyuz MS" is scheduled for the morning of 7 July, in 4 hours 5 minutes 41 seconds Moscow time.
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