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4 of July, 14:04

The search operation at the crash site of the Il-76 completed The search operation at the crash site of the Il-76 in the Irkutsk region completed. All crew members were killed. Found the bodies of 10 people. Also discovered both flight recorders. From the Ramenskoye airfield near Moscow, where based Il-76 formed a spontaneous memorial. There are flowers and candles. And in the Irkutsk region today mourning.

In the Irkutsk region today is a day of mourning. Here mourn those killed in the crash of Il-76. The tragedy claimed the lives of 10 crew members. At the moment the search and rescue situation is completed.

Only this year the crew experienced commander has made 33 of departure. Almost all of them were done in difficult conditions of strong smoke. Honored pilot of Russia Leonid owl was twice awarded the order of Courage, the onboard engineer Viktor Kuznetsov - the medal "For rescue perishing". Side operators Sergey Makarov, Sergey Susov and Marat hadaev and the second pilot Alexey Lebedev, the co-driver Georgy Petrov, the radio operator Igor Murfin and technology Vadim Zhdanov and Andrey Maninov - all have participated in elimination of emergency situations on the territory of Russia and abroad. The bodies of all the dead crew members discovered. Soon they will be transported to Irkutsk, where identification will take place. Investigators and experts on place has studied the wreckage of the aircraft, conducted a full inspection of the scene of the tragedy. Survived only the tail of the aircraft. After hitting the side the ground was on fire where the car is almost completely burned. The flight data recorders today will bring to Irkutsk.

Meanwhile, the area of forest fires in the Irkutsk region is gradually declining. Additional funds for fire and monitoring. Since the beginning of the season were more than 800 fires. Despite the disaster Il-76, a struggle with the elements with the help of aviation has not stopped. The military on their territories used heavy engineering equipment, including car obstacle clearing. Use it to produce plowing of the edge of fires in order to localize the fire. Available to service machinery deployed here car platoon of the Central military district. In the sky rises every day "Eagle" - a multifunctional, unmanned systems, capable to conduct air reconnaissance. Ready to go to put out fires today, more than 11 thousand people.
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