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30 of June, 11:04

Eyewitnesses told about the massacre in a gay club "Pulse" Police officer James highland spoke about the massacre in a gay club Pulse in Orlando. The images of bodies scattered on the dance floor now will always haunt him.

James highland morning of June 12, I heard a call on the radio. He responded to it. Highland saw about 2 a.m. at the nightclub fell out of the terrified, wounded people. Police put the wounded in his truck, turning it in to a makeshift ambulance to take more people and take them to the hospital.

Paramedic Joshua Granada told how they had the bullets to deliver people to the ambulance, without paying attention to the shots. In total they have made 4 trips to take people to the hospital.

Old rules to remain strong and to remain silent no longer apply, Granada and others have said.
"It's a new era. You should be able to talk about what you see. You can't keep things in the bottles, said Granada.

Chief fire officer Otto Drozd said that they train like never before in accordance with the law enforcement agencies to be ready to fight and not to lose people. He said that many of those who answered the call for help of the club "Pulse" expressed guilt for not being able to do more.

"When I look at the faces of our firefighters, I can say that they've been through a battle," he said. "After the massacre I couldn't go back to normal.It was weird not to have anything in your head besides this horrific act and you think about the families and victims and all who have to go through this tragedy." Nevertheless, life goes on, said one of the firefighters.
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