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29 of June, 14:10

"Aeroflot" has cancelled flights to Istanbul The tragedy in Istanbul has affected the flights of Turkey with many countries. Thus, the Russian airline Aeroflot was forced to cancel the next flight in both directions. A plane flying from Moscow to Istanbul, the night returned to the airport Sheremetyevo.

The scoreboard Sheremetyevo then cancel 6 flights from Moscow to Istanbul, which was to be held today. they canceled for security reasons. Another 2 flights cancelled from Vnukovo. The airline informed the passengers about this and was told that the tickets they can change or surrender without penalty. So no panic or queues due to the cancellation of flights at the capital's airports are not. Another flight of Aeroflot from Moscow to Istanbul were returned to Sheremetyevo tonight. the airliner was flying over Krasnodar, when he received information about a series of explosions at the airport of Ataturk. Of course, the pilot decided to turn the plane. After landing, transit passengers were accommodated in nearby hotels, and Muscovites have gone home. All promised or return the money for the unfulfilled transportation, or change the ticket to another date.

As for security measures, as reported by the Federal air transport Agency, to strengthen them in the Russian airports not planned, so they are at the highest level.

The responsibility for the explosions at the airport in Istanbul was taken by the terrorist group "Islamic state". according to investigators, the attack was carefully planned. Among victims there is one Russian. His condition is stable. At the moment he is in Istanbul hospital.
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