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21 of October, 16:49

Videoconferencing began to receive the Russian system of target designation for aircraft instead of Ukrainian
Design Bureau "Electroavtomatika" has started deliveries of helmet-mounted target designation system for aircraft of tactical aviation, su-27SM3, su-30SM and su-35S used is Ukrainian counterparts, said the General Director of experimental design Bureau Andrey Guryanov.
"The company in the period for 2015-2016 have developed a helmet-mounted target designation system for import substitution for the su-27SM3, su-30SM and su-35S of the Ukrainian system of the" sur "and its modifications, first produced at CDB reserves, according to the RIA" Novosti ".
"supply contracts starting in 2016, manufactured and supplied about 46 helmet-mounted target designation systems. Before the end of the year planned delivery of another 40 sets ", he continued. The Director General clarified that " product replaces several modifications of the system of Ukrainian origin, different design, interfaces and exchange protocols of information interaction "." The system gives you the opportunity to replace imported equipment without modification of the aircraft, " - noted the Deputy foreign Minister. Yesterday in the Ministry of defence said that the substitution of deliveries of Ukrainian products in the interests of the army is on schedule and will be completed by 2018. Remember, in the summer of 2014 the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko forbade any cooperation with Russia in military-technical sphere. For example, Poroshenko signed a decree, which prohibited the export to the Russian Federation subjects of military and dual-use to military end use Russia, except for space technology, which is used for research and use of space to good use in international space projects. The specialists said that the refusal of cooperation with Russia in the military-industrial complex almost completely deprive Kiev of military industry and that the termination of military-technical cooperation with Russia, Ukraine will lose much more. In may 2015 the government of Ukraine suspended the agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine on military-technical cooperation.

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