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20 of June, 14:13

On the Karelian Syamozero killed 13 children In Moscow and Karelia today is a day of mourning. Canceled entertainment, churches held memorial services. Syamozero in Karelia during the storm killed 13 young residents of Moscow, who rested in the camp. The fate of one child is unknown. Condolences to the family and friends of the victims expressed the President and Prime Minister.

In Karelia and Moscow today mourning. In the capital of the Republic flown at half-mast all flags, some black ribbon. The investigation of the criminal case initiated on the article "On the provision of poor quality services, entailed death of two and more persons". All the work is coordinated personally by the Minister of emergency situations. Vladimir Putin regularly receives information from Petrozavodsk.

All children who participated in the campaign in Syamozero, it is the residents of Moscow and Moscow region. Even at night the aircraft of MES delivered the bodies to the capital of Russia and night in Petrozavodsk began to come to the parents of those who survived. They already take their children and taken them home. Another evening with the participants of the campaign started to employ psychologists, they work with parents who are in shock from having lost their children. This walk around the Syamozero, which is considered one of the most dangerous, was rather difficult.

The question of why the natural leadership camp, where we started the hike, we woke up on Saturday and Sunday morning, although the connection was lost on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, they started calling hostels and villages along the banks. The villagers Pounds could take to the Islands 11 children. One child, unfortunately, died.
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