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20 of October, 18:49

The source denied the existence of the road map on the settlement in Donbass
No roadmap for resolving the situation in Donbas to date, no document is only intended to create at the level of assistant leaders and foreign Ministers " channel four ", said a source close to the negotiations.
"as long as there is No road map no. It is expected to create at the level of assistant leaders and ministries of foreign Affairs of the 4 countries, " according to the news Agency. He said that the need for working out a detailed plan for the implementation of Complex of measures on execution of the Minsk agreements, which will be balanced and synchronized political and security issues have long been raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
"Hence the idea of the road map, supported by Germany and France. In the negotiation process (in Berlin), Putin drew attention that the future road map should not replace the Minsk package of measures, which, As you know, dreams (Ukrainian President Petro) Poroshenko. It will be developed As a step by step plan for the implementation of Complex measures ", - noted the source. For his part, Director of the Center for political conjuncture Oleg Ignatov has told that the Russian Federation has shared its own roadmap for the partners in the "Normandy format" a week ago, and currently their proposals on the document prepared by Germany and France. He explained that " truly, this document will be a step-by-step implementation of a package of measures of 12 February 2015, which would balance the political commitments (granting special status to the Donbass, the elections act and Amnesty) and commitments in the security sphere (the withdrawal of troops, the supervision of heavy weapons) ". As before said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leaders "channel four" discussed the process of creating a roadmap." we have a number of details and How these details are resolved will be the talk of the Ministers of foreign Affairs, and this process will be very difficult. About these topics we spoke, we spoke about what we would like to finish the drafting of the road map, but I think we expected more work in this regard ", - said Merkel. The head of the French Republic Francois Hollande also said that a road map will be agreed by the foreign Minister. The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the document - the road map - until now no, but before the end of November, Ministers of foreign Affairs approved by. However, He also says there is consensus, Ukraine, France and Germany on the road map. First of Poroshenko discussed a road map with the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. Dialogues "channel four" took place on Wednesday evening. Before the Quartet meeting, the leaders of Germany, France and Ukraine met at the Ukrainian settlement. The print edition OPINION pointed out that Germany and France insisted on a meeting with the head of the Russian Federation from Syria, and not because of the Ukrainian issue. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the results of the meeting.

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