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7 of June, 15:15

In Syria, the terrorists shelled the city of Aleppo In Syria, terrorists fired from mortars and systems of volley fire, the city of Aleppo. There are numerous victims among the civilian population. The extremists are fighting, despite the Ramadan.

Russian military diplomats succeeded in signing important agreements in the process of truce was joined by another large settlement in the province of Damascus.

Immediately after managed to pacify the Eastern Kalamun 2 weeks ago Russian military from the Center for conciliation of the parties, the main attention is turned to Kalamun West. Here the situation is complicated by the fact that the illegal armed groups represent a small disparate groups, each of which is necessary to agree separately. In the area in one village can live together and the former rebels, and soldiers of the Syrian army.

Muhammad Hayek 1.5 years ago win from Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra" 'lula, which is located 5 km away from here. In the village of al-Tawani self-defense unit of only 50 men. The last few months, the militia al-Tawani in major clashes was not involved. But there is evidence that a few times left to fight in the mountains for the money, where together with the armed opposition groups launched attacks on the outskirts of Damascus. Now, when the Russian officers are offering them to sign a ceasefire agreement, the head of the local administration is trying to convince against government, they never fought. These words reinforce the portraits of Hafez and Bashar al-Assad on the wall. Now a Declaration of allegiance to the government will be fixed and even the signatures on this bid sheet.
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