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24 of May, 13:41

Russian football team to go to Switzerland Today the Russian national football team goes to Switzerland. There will begin preparation for the European Championships in France.

During the press-conference asked a lot of questions. Including the coach of the national team of Russia on football asked if he felt nervous in the role of head coach. He said no, not to worry, all is well. The results that you expect from a game of our team is exiting group play-offs. Today they travel to Switzerland, where they will train hard.

Leonid Slutsky, "Still plenty of time. Therefore, understanding the enormity of this event, feel emotionally it will be possible only when we arrive at the location in anticipation of these important matches. While all our thoughts are with the stage of preparation".

During a press conference to assess the readiness of the Russian team to the championship gave the sports Minister. Vitaly Mutko "reaching the playoffs is now for us the first task. And as you progress there will be other tasks. So I want to wish our coach and the team good luck. And to our fans who will attend the match to enjoy the game, and the players did not disappoint them".
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