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18 of May, 10:04

Trump has promised to stop the nuclear program of the DPRK Donald trump says he is ready to talk with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN - a sharp departure from current U.S. policy toward the Asian nation.

The presumed nominee of the Republican party, made the comments in an interview with Reuters on Tuesday, said the press service. Trump said he will talk with Kim Jong-UN to try to stop the nuclear program of the country.

"I would like to talk to him, I won't have any problems to talk," trump said.
But he also turned to one of his frequent talking points for North Korea - that it will put pressure on China to increase pressure on North Korea. "At the same time I would put pressure on China because economically, we have tremendous power over China," he said in an interview.

"North Korea needs to cease its threats and provocations, and show a sincere willingness to denuclearize," said the spokesman, who was not named.

China is one of the few countries, which is the largest patron of North Korea. The Obama administration is putting pressure on China to put pressure on its neighbor, but the United States stopped the use of economic leverage, fearful of the consequences.

Former US President bill Clinton visited North Korea in 2009 and was found with his father, Kim Jong-UN, Kim Jong-Il to secure the release of detained American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

Obama himself has also famously campaigned in 2008, being ready to talk with the leaders of enemies in the United States. He shook hands with Raul Castro and spoke with Iranian President Rouhani. But his administration did not follow the example of North Korea and actually deepened the isolation of the nation.
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