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12 of May, 16:04

The French government put forward a vote of no confidence The French government may put forward a vote of no confidence. People are dissatisfied resonance of the labor reform. People go to protests almost every day. Large demonstration scheduled for today.

To understand the scale of today's protests, will say that the protesters gradually begin to gather in the center of Paris. On the clock early in the morning - haven't even started the working day - 8.30. To the Building of one of the city committees have already pulled the cordon of the police and tightened all of the new gendarmes. In the cities of France the whole day will be very noisy. In total, the protests will be tens of thousands of people. Despite the fact that protests against labor reforms lasted for about 2 months now a brand new phase. People are really in despair. Recognize this and law enforcement agencies. The degree of collisions increases. If earlier, the protesters simply marched through the streets of the city, and ended with mass celebrations, today they are ready to block the work of government agencies. Protesters promise to take siege to the National Assembly to block the bridges over the Seine. They did say the joke was over - the government to resign.

Degrees increases because people feel that their opinion nobody is considered. For example, the largest newspaper for a long time did not write about the people's discontent. For example, the editorial in today's "Le Figaro" - the first page the news about the festival. Inside too, there is no detailed news about the impending protests. Another fact that Angers people is that Prime Minister Valls has openly declared that it will not be considered nor people's opinion or even the opinion of the Parliament to implement this reform. The Constitution has a clause that allows it in some cases and Prime Minister Manuel Valls now flaunts the fact that President Francois Hollande gave him carte Blanche to take any action. The Parliament in response to these actions agreed to submit to the government a vote of no confidence. In fact, if the decision supported by the majority - it will be a question on resignation of the current government, and then President of France.
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