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18 of October, 11:20

DNR authorities restored electricity Sahanki after firing the APU
The power supply of the village Sahanka in the South proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic, de-energized as a result of shelling, restored, remain Without electricity for another six settlements, said the village administration.
"Electricity Sahanki fully restored. Without light remain six villages, rehabilitation work is being done, but because of the attacks that are periodically renewed, isn't going as fast as we would like, "? RIA "Novosti" letter of the messenger of the administration.

first, local Authorities reported that as a result of the shelling were de-energized a number of settlements in the South of the DNI. The competent Ministry of defence DND appealed to the OSCE mission with the request to provide monitoring in the area of work of repair crews to ensure the safety of energy drinks. 21 September in Minsk signed a framework decision of the Contact group on Ukraine about breeding forces in the Donbass. However, the Ukrainian Military in a number of areas did not want to withdraw troops and equipment. In the Donbas acts once the agreement about the mode of silence, But running is far from universal. The Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 began military action against proclaimed LNR and DNR, who told about independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Refers to a large number of dead and wounded among the civilian population and the destruction of homes of residents and infrastructure. According to the UN at the end of July, the victims of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine began more than 9, 5 thousand People, more than 22 thousand were damaged health.

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