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25 of April, 11:51

North Korea launched another ballistic missile North Korea said Sunday it successfully tested a launch of a ballistic missile submarine c and warned about his growing abilities to reduce their enemies with the "dagger of destruction."

South Korea could not confirm the information that the latest effort by Pyongyang to expand its military power motivated by pressure from the neighbors and Washington. A few hours before the launch, officials of South Korea said that a launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine from the East coast. The joint chiefs of staff, said that the projectile flew about 19 miles on Saturday evening. This is much shorter than the typical distance of a ballistic submarine-based missiles that can fly at least 186 miles.

A successful missile test would be a very troubling sign, because learning to shoot missiles from a submarine is difficult to detect the missile before its launch, giving the DPRK the opportunity to surprise their enemies. At that time South Korean experts say it is unlikely that North Korea currently does not have a valid submarine which can fire several missiles, but they recognize that the North is making progress on this technology.

In the report, the KCNA North Korean leader has now said that they have another method for a strong nuclear strike, if necessary, brought it down on the heads of their enemies South Korea and the United States. The last test of a ballistic missile from a submarine was observed on 25 December. But this test was considered as a failure.

The UN Security Council made a press statement that he "strongly condemned" the firing of ballistic missiles, submarine-based, saying that this action represents "another serious violation" of Council resolutions.

The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that North Korea should "refrain from further actions in violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions and to fully perform its obligations in accordance with these resolutions, including to suspend all activities related to the ballistic missile programme."
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