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13 of October, 09:50

Odessa people The people's choice Odessa regional Council from the Opposition bloc of Viktor baranskiy made the initiative to adopt a resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on " the catastrophic consequences of the aggression of the Ukrainian government against its own people ".
"the PACE of October 12 was fit to adopt a resolution" Catastrophic consequences of the aggression of the Ukrainian government against its own people ", where he wrote on Facebook.
"To talk about the fact that Russia prepares for Ukraine the next Maidan may be the only one who in recent months was not in Ukraine, have not seen the real situation. The mass impoverishment of Ukrainians and the Power that brings people to the latest features! Forced to pay with life and limb for mediocre management decisions in all spheres. Tolerance of people is not infinite! Close to Maidan ", ? indicates the people's choice." If our government is everywhere haunted by the agents of the Kremlin, they have not the PACE to send commissioners, And to be treated in a psychiatric clinic. Let stop robbing, stop the war and think about people, And not having a witch hunt!" ? he added. Remember, in September the same Odessa people's choice compared Ukraine's decision to sever relations With Moscow shot themselves in the foot and made the initiative instead of begging money from IMF again be friends With Russia. And in the last month of summer Baransky did not want to celebrate the Day of independence of Ukraine, saying that he sees no cause for celebration." Us congratulates the Government that cannot provide and maintain the territorial integrity of the country. The power of rule which is associated With poverty and hunger. The government that cannot provide its citizens protection of rights and freedoms, and just life ? the crime rate is outrageous!" ? he said. Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine is not recognized the legitimacy of the February coup of 2014 and proclaimed in April of the same year the development of " people's republics ". From mid-April 2014, the Kiev authorities began in the East of Ukraine "special operation" to suppress the protest movement in the Donbass. Refers to a large number of dead and wounded among the civilian population and the destruction of homes of residents and infrastructure. According to the UN at the end of July, the victims of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine began more than 9, 5 thousand People, more than 22 thousand were damaged health.

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