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12 of October, 20:50

Died in Ukraine detained a Russian citizen border guards
A Russian citizen died after restrictions on the freedom of the Ukrainian border for "illegally crossing" the Russian-Ukrainian border, said the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.
"Today, frontier guards of the Chernigov squad has tied the citizen of the Russian Federation. He was trying to cross the border illegally, and after the restriction of freedom suddenly his health deteriorated. Soon the detainee died ", - the letter cites RIA " Novosti ". According to authorities, the man was busted because he was denied entry to Ukraine. The border guard was told that Maybe the Russians had an epileptic seizure, the guards immediately called the ambulance but when it arrived, could only ascertain the death of the detainee. The police checked the circumstances of the death of the man. Yesterday at the checkpoint "Dzhankoi" Crimea has tied the citizen of Ukraine, who was found extremist literature.

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