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12 of October, 20:20

Putin held a telephone conversation with Hollande and Merkel
Russian President Vladimir Putin, head of the French Republic Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a telephone conversation, said the leadership of the Russian Federation.
"They discussed the situation in Ukraine, for example, the prospects for further international assistance to settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict by strict compliance with the Minsk agreements of February 12, 2015. The Russian President drew attention to the lack of alternatives to these agreements As the basis for resolution of the fall ", - reported in the report on the Internet representation of the Kremlin.
The leaders agreed to intensify meetings in different formats." The leaders also exchanged views on the Syrian issue. They noted the importance of coordinating the efforts of international brotherhood in the battle against the terrorist threat. Vladimir Putin expressed hope that the planned fifteen October in Lausanne, the meeting of heads of foreign policy departments of Russia, the US and several key countries in the region will be productive from a position of real assistance to resolve the Syrian Arab Republic ", - stated in the message. Before the Commissioner of the government of France said that Hollande on Wednesday will hold a telephone conversation with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel to discuss the possibility of organizing in Berlin on 19 October of the summit " channel four ". The leadership of the Russian Federation revealed that the level of preparedness for the possibility of meeting in the "Normandy format" has not yet come. On Tuesday, the Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov said that the meeting of leaders "channel format" on Ukraine will meet in Berlin on 19 October at the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, the same day a source in the administration of the French leader, Francois Hollande, told Reuters about the fact that Moscow had informed the administration of France on the postponement of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then, In the leadership of the Russian Federation said that Putin and the truth will not go to Paris with a visit on October 19. As said press Secretary of the head of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, Putin took the decision to cancel the visit to Paris because of the "dropped out of the program" events. The print edition GLANCE, a detailed analysis of the abolition of Vladimir Putin's visit to Paris for the opening of the Russian spiritual and cultural center. Hollande has been criticized from the Left party and the "National front" in connection with the situation around the planned visit of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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