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15 of November, 23:19

Minsk has made the initiative to block the project of the decision of Ukraine to Crimea in the Committee of the UNGA
Belarus made a proposal to the third Committee of the UNGA to consider the Draft decision on the Ukrainian Crimea, but the proposal did not pass, notify the permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN.
"Stab in the back said: made by the Belarus proposal failure to consider 4 resolutions, as well as among them Ukrainian, the 3rd Committee of the UN has not passed. 101 against ", - reported in the report of the permanent mission to Twitter.
On Tuesday Ukraine was presented in the 3rd Committee of the UNGA Draft decision on the issue of human rights in Crimea. The draft decision co-sponsored by 38 countries, including the UK, USA and France agitating the Russian authorities " to take all necessary measures to unerring fashion end all violations of the rights of inhabitants of the Crimea ", as well as cooperating with the Office of the high Commissioner of the United Nations on human rights, which seeks admission of observers to the site of the Peninsula.

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