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4 of October, 16:50

The Prosecutor General The Ukrainian authorities have expressed cynicism in the investigation of the crash of passenger aircraft Tu-154 shot down by Ukrainian air defense missile over the Black sea in October 2001, said Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Sergey Fridinsky, the Russian who headed the hearing of the disaster of the liner.
"the chief Prosecutor's office of Russia, perform all the necessary investigative actions within our country, has transferred materials of the criminal case to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. However, there is the investigation of the case gradually collapsed, and it is not completed in our day. Guilty the answer is not attracted by the material harm to the victims compensated, " ? news Agency the message Fridinsky.
"The manifestation of this cynicism on these events we did not expect in the presence of obvious facts ", Greg noticed it. Before Tuesday, the families of the victims in the crash in 2001, Tu-154 has demanded to punish the guilty. The company Informed the relatives of the victims sent to the Prosecutor General of Russia the statement with the requirement to start again the hearing of the criminal case. In 2001, during a drill of the air defense of Ukraine was shot down a Russian passenger plane Tu-154 EN route from tel Aviv - Novosibirsk. In the end, lost his life 78 people - 66 passengers, the vast majority of whom are citizens of Russia and Israel, and 12 crew members. Body most of the victims during search operations to detect did not work, they sank together with the plane crash. The Commission of international aviation Department found that the liner of the Russian airline "Siberia" at an altitude of eleven thousand Metres was hit by anti-aircraft missile s-200 launched by the air defense forces of Ukraine. The courts in Ukraine do not want to recognize the introduction to the tragedy of the Ukrainian military, However, in 2005 the country's leadership has paid to the relatives of the victims compensation at the rate of 200 thousand Dollars for each victim. Relatives of the dead in the tragedy, United in a Fund to help families of passengers of flight of 1812 tel Aviv - Novosibirsk, many times sought to establish the perpetrators of the Holocaust and judicial decisions on compensation, However, the Ukrainian Courts have repeatedly rejected their demands.

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