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28 of September, 15:50

Berlin: Dutch investigators until not have the opportunity to name those guilty in the crash of MH17
International investigative group inquiry MH17 crash site until can not name specific culprits, said at a press conference official representative of the German foreign Ministry Martin Schaefer.
"The Federal government welcomes the fact that the results of the trial presented to the public. However, it is not yet completed, the results of which are presented only to approach those who are responsible ", ? quotes its words news Agency." However, there is no further trial, which will provide an opportunity to identify ", Greg said the Commissioner of the German Ministry of foreign Affairs.
Before that, the relatives of the victims of the crash said that the Dutch investigation team provided information about what the liner as if shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex " Buk " from the territory controlled by militias. Also, According to the investigators, shot down the airliner " Buk "as if it were delivered from Russia and Ukrainian armed forces" have nothing to do with the plane crash ". In DND told that the findings of the international investigation team for inquiry of the crash Malaysian MH17 is not true. However, the chief of radio engineering troops of the Russian aerospace defence forces major General Andrew Coban at a press conference about the primary radar data of the air situation in the area of the crash of the Boeing 777 said that Ukraine has not released the data of its radar stations, it gives the chance to predict that the missile launched from the territory of the APU. In a press-service of the company "Almaz-Antey" has said that in the area of the crash of the airliner MH17 was not observed any third-party objects, in addition to 2 civilian aircraft. At the beginning of summer was published the report of the international investigation team to the crash of Boeing MH17. For example, investigators did not rule out accidental launch of missiles brought down the plane. In addition, the investigation team on the case about the crash of Boeing MH17 in Eastern Ukraine admitted that it had no proper experience for such investigations. The plane crash Boeing 777 " Malaysian airlines ", which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was on July 17, 2014 over the territory of Donetsk region of Ukraine, controlled by DND. In the cabin of the ship were 298 people. Survivors of a plane crash there.

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