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22 of November, 09:52

Japan hit earthquake Japan struck by the earthquake. Aftershocks may continue for several days, said Geological survey of the United States.

Residents along the East coast of Fukushima Prefecture were ready for the worst. After the earthquake sent a tsunami warning along the same stretch of coast devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Then the 9,0-magnitude earthquake was one of the worst ever struck Japan has killed more than 20 thousand people.

After the earthquake on Tuesday, thousands were urged to seek higher ground amid warnings that tsunami waves, which can reach up to 3 meters tall (10 feet). Three people were injured, while more than 1,900 houses were destroyed. The earthquake occurred 37 km (23 miles) to the South-East of "Us" at a depth of 11.4 kilometres (7 miles). Eight aftershocks of at least magnitude of 5.4 was recorded for 5 hours after the initial earthquake.

Geophysicist Jessica Turner said that the quake was much weaker than five years ago. "It's a much smaller earthquake magnitude and energy release than the 9,0-magnitude that occurred in March 2011 ... we can feel the tremors in the next few days (but) it's hard to predict," she said.

University of Sydney risk management of natural disasters Expert Dale Domini house said that the earthquake will have devastating consequences for the mental health of survivors who are still reeling from the events of 2011.

Earthquakes are common in Japan. The most recent was a 6.2-point at the end of October near the "Kurayoshi", city West of Osaka, during which several people were injured.
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