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7 of December, 14:11

In Aleppo will be restored to the medical camp Wounded in Aleppo Professor Vadim Arsentiev undergoing intensive therapy at the hospital named after Burdenko in Moscow. The pediatrician was severely wounded during the shelling of the Russian field hospital.

Pediatrician Vadim Arsentiev is in the intensive care unit. The way home was long and complicated: first, a helicopter with special intensive care capsule is badly wounded and the doctor was brought to the base Hamim, there was surgery, then flown to Russia. Now life him no danger, they engaged the best military doctors of the country.

Specialization wounded doctor - Pediatrics, treat it must have been affected by the actions of militants of the children. Arsentiev, head of the Department in the Military medical Academy in St. Petersburg.

Medical camp, which was established to provide assistance to refugees from East Aleppo, came under the fire of heavy mortars on 5 December. Shoot those who call themselves moderate Syrian opposition, beat precisely, with the exact coordinates of the hospital. Mobile medical item will be restored and will continue to receive civilians.
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