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9 of December, 16:55

Mass tourism will revive the Russian village Mass tourism can become the basis for the revival of many dying villages. This assured participants of the international scientific conference which takes place in the village of Vyatka, Yaroslavl region.

Hiking trails in the village of zaozer'e crowded even in hard frosts. Tourism is the only hope for Zaozerie and other small villages of Russia. Such villages, the only one in the Yaroslavl region hundreds. Mass tourism has become for them a new destiny. For example, the village of nekrasovskoe, the former Large Salt, one of the diamonds in the constellation. Centuries here evaporated salt. It turned out that the salt of the earth Russian the whole way of life. And the Museum Martynov - deriveapprodi. 150 inhabitants take 20 thousand tourists a year. And survived not only this village. New homes everywhere. And until 2008, the Vyatka was a typical dying village. Investment and strategy made it a major tourist center. Now the village is visited by over 100 thousand tourists per year. Tourists are increasingly coming to see the alluring and mysterious Russian hinterland. After the cities they want to get to the roots of Russian life. To dip in its Holy springs and proselytise fever country bath.

The potential of the cultural heritage of Russian villages not inferior to the Russian mineral resources. In Europe, this built whole sectors of the economy. The Russian province, too, has something to lure visitors. In the village of Great built mansions Shekhtel and 6 times drove Peter king. the mass tourist is the main investor in the development of the person you want to attract and for which all forces must be addressed. So decided at a conference on preserving the heritage of Russian villages that takes place in the village of Vyatka. Their experience is now a model project of rural development relying on our own strength. New life in an old village on the Yaroslavschiny managed to breathe for a few years. And the process continues. Restaurerede temples were built relaxation areas. The entrepreneurial spirit here is adjacent to the living Ethnography, for which it's famed for thousands of kilometers.
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