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12 of December, 09:54

Trump opposed the policy of "one China" President-elect Donald trump once again signaled a readiness to confront Beijing, calling into question whether the United States to maintain its long-standing position that Taiwan is part of "one China."

"I understand" one-China policy, but I don't know why we should be connected with the policy of "one China," if we don't make a deal with China," trump said on "Fox News Sunday". Trump entered into a diplomatic dispute, when the call came from the leader of Taiwan. The United States recognizes Taiwan as part of China, and Chinese officials were furious for the first conversation in the last few decades, the Taiwan leader and the President of the United States.

Trump pointed out on Sunday that he will not hesitate to annoy China, if the country does not sit at the negotiating table regarding trade and relations with North Korea. "You have North Korea. You have nuclear weapons, and China could solve this problem, but they don't help us," said trump. Trump's comments caused a furious response from the state newspaper Global Times in China which, in an editorial, described the elected President, as "child" and ruled out negotiations on this issue. "The policy of one-China "can not be bought and sold, trump, it seems, only understands the business and believes that everything has its price, and that if he is strong enough he can buy and sell using forces". The editors warned that the trump, because of the lack of experience in politics," fall under the influence and under the control of hardliners around him.

The editors added that if trump has ditched the policy of "one China" would be "a real crisis". Antagonistic rhetoric toward China has characterized the campaign of trump. He accused China of manipulating the value of its currency to give its products a price advantage in the U.S. market. Trump also called for much higher rates on goods imported from China - and then criticized companies, including Boeing, which indicated that this could turn into a trade war with Beijing, which can close its market for U.S.-made products in the USA. Comments trump made it clear that he intends to make a new agreement with China. But it is not clear whether trump is ready to eliminate the policy of "one China", which is the cornerstone of diplomatic relations.
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