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12 of December, 14:33

In Russia there is an outbreak of influenza In Russia flu outbreak. In Voronezh for medical assistance every 10 residents of the city. Children's immune system was broken by virus attack. Children in the quarantine box under surveillance around the clock. Preschoolers are the first at risk.

In Voronezh for a week the incidence of influenza and SARS exceeded epidporog 35%. For a medical aid turned every 10 residents of the city. In the region 8 rage virus type A. Among them, H1N1. Laboratory-confirmed deaths from the influenza virus since the epidemic began is not fixed. The doctors insist the situation is under control. Circulating in the region, the virus strains included in the preventive vaccine. New forms of the flu virus is not revealed. In pharmacies, to avoid queues and excessive demand for antiviral drugs, supply of pills, potions and masks are made in advance.

Doctors are encouraged to refrain from self-medication. And as prevention recommend a multivitamin, and less frequent in crowded places. To help epidemiologists came the frosts. When the temperature dropped to -10, the virus began to take positions. But ahead of pre-holiday fuss: bustle in shopping malls, children's parties and adult corporate events. The ideal environment for the spread of infectious diseases. Experts suggest: the peak incidence of influenza has not yet arrived.
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