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10 of January, 10:50

The United States staged against Russia "a full-scale witch hunt" Russia says the us allegations that it engaged in computer hacking during the American presidential elections are "groundless" and amount to nothing more than "a full-scale witch hunt".

The charges, which were published in a report last week by US intelligence, says that President Vladimir Putin ordered a "campaign" aimed to help Donald Trump win the election in 2016.

The campaign - which consisted of democratic groups and individuals, including the Chairman of Clinton campaign John Podesta, and releasing information with third party websites, including WikiLeaks - was that the intelligence report called "a significant escalation" and long-time Russia's efforts to undermine the "liberal democratic order in the United States." But the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said that the accusations against Russia "has not been backed by anything" and was "made at a very Amateur level, an emotional level."

"What we see ... what it all looks like full-scale witch hunt," he said.
"We understand that our American colleagues, at various stages of their history, there were witch hunts, we remember these stages of history, we know that they have been replaced by more sober estimates of experts, more sober approach, which in the end aimed at dialogue, not in an emotional fit," added Sands. "We still don't know what data was used by those who came up with these unfounded accusations," said Sands reporters in a conference call.
"We continue to categorically reject any involvement of Moscow any participation by official and unofficial entities in the Russian Federation in hacker attacks," he said.

The report also stated that Moscow used various tactics in an attempt to affect the outcome. The US intelligence community also warned in its report on Friday that Moscow is likely to continue to conduct campaigns to influence future elections.
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