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11 of January, 17:03

Guarding the sky over Moscow now are the "Triumphs" Guarding the sky over Moscow now are the "Triumphs": the latest anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 to intercede on combat duty in the Moscow suburb of Podolsk. The deployment process plants and bring them to combat readiness demonstrated to journalists.

Anti-aircraft missile regiment of the aerospace forces in Podolsk near Moscow have adopted new anti-aircraft missile system s-400 "Triumph". Soldiers of the regiment have taken up on combat duty. Launchers and radar systems s-400 took their positions. The regiment also received the latest missile and gun complexes "Carapace-s", and the calculations are given in full combat readiness. Today there was held the first training session, during which the crews of s-400 and "Pantsir-s" was supposed to detect, and then, speaking in the military "escort" of a conditional air target and destroy potential enemy.

S-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft missile system is large, m, medium-range, capable of destroying all modern and even created promising means of air attack. The missile can simultaneously track up to 300 targets that can be detected within a radius of 600 km, and hit them from 2 to 400 km of Analogue of the Russian weapons in the world.

All the soldiers and crews Podolsk regiment have been training at Kapustin Yar, during which they checked the mechanisms and devices of the system With-400. there was held shooting. All air targets successfully hit.
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