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19 of March, 11:54

Amanda Seyfried  worried about her nude scenes The 24-year-old actress plays a prostitute hired to tempt a cheating husband in new thriller Chloe. She spends much of the film naked, and even enjoys a sexy smooch with Julianne Moore, 49. Amanda loved every second of shooting, but admits she was concerned the risqué scenes would upset fans used to her sweet character in musical movie Mamma Mia.

"The risk factor came with the fact that the nudity could potentially create some damage with my American audience," she said on the red carpet at the film`s New York premiere. "I had to do it. It was clearly the riskier choice but I think the better choice."

As an established actress, Julianne was far less concerned about the film`s raunchy scenes. She approached her sex scene with Amanda as she would any other heterosexual one.

"Was it different because it was with a girl? No," she said. "Whenever you have an intimate scene with somebody, you`re very prepared. Everyone knows exactly what`s happening and it`s usually very choreographed... Amanda and I were comfortable with each other."
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