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10 of February, 16:51

Archaeologists from the UK and Russia create a joint project Archaeologists from the UK and Russia will create in the Crimea a joint historical project. He will focus on the events of the Crimean war. In the Crimea will open archaeological camps for students of both countries to release some books.

This is perhaps one of the secret visits of foreigners to the Peninsula. Neither the delegation nor the purpose of the visit, until today there is hardly any information. Just dry of the phrase "a Group of British scientists will visit the Crimea". The secrecy was due to the fact that scientists do not like to have their plans interfered with politics. As part of the British delegation 3 persons. Scientists from the University of Bristol, military historians and experienced archaeologists.

The delegation is led by Patrick Mercer. In the Crimea he arrives for the first time. Mercer has been studying the Crimean war. In the Crimea plan to implement archaeological project, in which scientists and tourists from around the world will be able to participate in the excavations. In these moments, the British delegation met with the Crimean authorities. One of the issues - the organization of archaeological camps and in the battlefields of the Crimean war and to attract tourists from the UK. In Crimea and Sevastopol for the implementation of such projects are all possibilities. In the Crimea the British scientists will spend 3 days. After the official meetings in Simferopol, they will depart to Sevastopol to visit the memorials of the Crimean war.
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