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22 of February, 11:44

Sentenced the former head of Hong Kong Donald Tsang The former leader in Hong Kong was jailed for 20 months, becoming the highest-ranking city official, who was behind bars.

Donald Tsang, who was chief Minister of the administration from 2005 to 2012, was imprisoned by the Supreme court 20 months after he was found guilty by a jury of misconduct in the public service.

72-year-old former leader of Hong Kong has been charged with two charges of violating their official duties in the period 2010-2012 One case involved concealment of the procedure of granting licenses radio Wave Media Limited, the second - accusations of lobbying interests of the architect Barrie Ho, the award of government contracts.

Last week a jury found him guilty of "misconduct in public service." The crime that stems from common law "is a key weapon in the fight against corruption in Hong Kong," according to the lawyers Valerie Fung and Catherine lang. "It includes any serious abuse of power or official position by officials even in the absence of evidence that they received a bribe."

The case of Tsang is the second scandal in Hong Kong this month. Last week, seven policemen were convicted in the attack on protesters during demonstrations in 2014.
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