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9 of March, 14:32

100 days left until the confederations Cup football 100 days left before the main sports event of the year - confederations Cup football. It will be held in 4 cities of Russia in the summer. The opening and final will take a new stadium on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg.

Stadium today appeared before the journalists in all its glory. The work was fully completed in December 2016. Now still go to work on the landscaping, but they end pretty soon. The stadium is impressive. Capacity is 68 thousand people. Height 110 m along with the pylons, it's almost like 4 Petropavlovsky fortress. Inside a giant space. And of course, when I imagine that all of these stands will be filled with fans, breathtaking.

Today the Northern capital is celebrating 100 days before the confederations Cup - a large-scale football events. In Saint-Petersburg "Zenit Arena" will be the first and last matches of the Cup. Today, there is planned a number of events. Opening of the commemorative plaque of "100 days before the confederations Cup". The arena will be bright campaign "the first 100 balls". To participate will be the winner of the confederations Cup in Brazil team Kofu, and ex-players of Russian national team on football Vyacheslav Malafeev, Roman Shirokov, Alexei Smertin and others. And on the Dvortsovaya square, thousands of volunteers will perform impromptu dances of each of the 8 countries participating in the confederations Cup.
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