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15 of March, 13:36

Ben Affleck completed treatment for alcohol dependence Ben Affleck stated that he completed treatment for alcohol dependence. The actor revealed his appeal in a statement on his page in Facebook on Tuesday.

"I completed treatment for alcohol addiction, something I have faced in the past and will continue to confront this scourge, - he wrote. "I want to live life to the fullest and be the best father I can be."

Affleck had previously sought treatment for alcohol abuse in 2001. "I want my children to know that there is no shame in getting help when needed, and be a source of strength for everyone who needs help but is afraid to make the first move," wrote Affleck. "I'm lucky that I love my family and friends, including his co-parent, Jen, who supported me and cared about our children as I performed the job I was going to do."

Warner Bros. announced back in January that Affleck refused to play "Batman." At that time he said that the decision was made because the role of "requires attention, passion and the best work I can give." "It has become clear that I can't keep doing both jobs to the level that they required," he said at the time.

In February he was replaced by Matt Reeves. Affleck is still producing and starring in the film for Warner Bros., which is owned by Time Warner. "It was the first of many steps for a positive recovery," added Affleck in his post. Affleck was recently spotted at the ceremony of Academy awards Oscar in 2017 in February.
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