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27 of March, 15:36

In Petrozavodsk resumed trial of the new wig In Petrozavodsk on Onega lake resumed trial of the new wig, which was interrupted after an accident in 2015. Machine - a kind of hybrid aircraft and boats. It moves over the surface of the water and land at low altitude.

Short run on the ice of lake Onega, like an easy walk in front of serious challenges. The wig "Orion 20" was first taken from the shop to test ride quality. The amphibian just got rebuilt and now re-learn to fly. In the summer of 2015 test ended in failure. Orion lost control and fell into the water. Then it seemed that will not continue. But engineers took into account the errors and within a year built a new sample of the wig. It is slightly larger in size, and to get up in the rack, the tail part was made easier.

Work on the creation of amphibian, able to fly and swim in our country began in the 1950s. Famous designers Rostislav Alexeev and Robert Bartini suggested ideas and even managed to build the first samples. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union about wig forgot. Unfairly, I think the designers of Association "Orion". The machine is economical, reliable and will be where can't get no cars, no planes, no ships. For example, in remote areas of the North or in the Arctic. "Orin 14" at speeds up to 180 km/h on Board takes a ton of cargo and 12 passengers. Are interested in the car in Iran. Already signed a contract for serial delivery of these amphibians.

State support of the project added designers optimism. After all, "Orion 20" is much more powerful and capable of more.
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