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5 of April, 10:51

Companies refuse to build a wall on the border with Mexico Proposed by President Donald trump border wall on the border with Mexico, have attracted the interest of hundreds of companies, but larger, more experienced firms refuse this scheme.

The deadline for submission of proposals on the wall was on a Tuesday at 16:00 Eastern time, and many of the largest construction companies completely refused to participate in the project. According to Dave Raymond, President and CEO of the American Council of engineering companies, some companies that otherwise have the resources and experience to manage and implement this large and complex project and avoid the project because of fears of political reaction.

One senior Manager from the construction company told CNN via email that "there are many obstacles connected with the wall, from political to financial, and to a very real human aspect. There are also concerns about how the work on the wall will affect construction companies in other countries, given that the plan of trump received much international criticism.

According to Raymond, some firms are concerned about the possibility of potentially losing future business with the major cities and States in the country. State lawmakers in California and new York have introduced bills that effectively would have blocked any company involved in the construction of the boundary wall from the future state of the business. None of the bills not passed into law, but the possibility has pushed many potential candidates.

"The biggest problem with this project is a political, not engineering," said Raymond, referring to government initiatives aimed at punishing companies working on the wall.
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