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5 of April, 15:44

In the Vitebsk region were Russian-Belarusian military exercises Joint landing and miles marsh worked for the Russian and Belarusian paratroopers in the Vitebsk region.

There unfolded the theater of hostilities. Exploding mines, scribbling machine guns. Russian Marines shoulder to shoulder with the Belarusian attack squads conditional saboteurs who invaded a local town and flying club, and trying to escape on a captured helicopter.

Joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises lasted a week. For maneuvers and tactical games took 12 thousand square km. Now the fighters must go to the collection point, determine its coordinates, and then 7 km to the village, which lodged another group of militants-saboteurs. The coordinates of the landing zone until the very last moment knew neither the pilots nor soldiers. Platform landing at the site. This is a common field. A piece of arable land of a width of less than 1 km. And much depends on the skill of the Belarusian pilots.

For the first time in the history of the parachute mixed groups. Belarusian and Russian paratroopers had met just a few days ago. Again battle with imaginary enemy. This time, according to legend, the enemy captured the complex of administrative buildings. The storming of the building took about half an hour, the militants quickly managed to knock. The entire perimeter was shrouded in smoke, lit up the dry grass. All the smoke, fumes and soot. Just for joint maneuvers has attracted more than a thousand soldiers, 600 pieces of equipment, but that training before large-scale joint exercises "West-2017", which will involve tanks and aircraft of both countries. Exercises are scheduled for early fall.
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