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11 of April, 10:42

In the US the passenger dragged from the plane Employees of United Airlines dragged a passenger from a crowded plane. The Department of transport announced that it would consider the incident where a passenger was forcibly removed from the aircraft.

Several passengers recorded the incident on their phones and posted the video on social networks showing the officers of the Chicago Department of aviation security as the man was dragged by the arms and legs to the exit, and the other passengers shouted in protest. The passenger continued to resist after he was released again, and ran to the plane.

"It was very scary," said passenger jade Kelly. She did not witness the entire event, but she said that the screams still haunted her.

The incident has sparked criticism of the system that allows the airlines on their own to remove passengers from the flight. United Airlines acted within their rights and followed the policy, then the situation is out of control. United asked one of the passengers volunteered to leave the flight for a refund. When no one volunteered, the airline was forced "to yield to force the release," said the airline representative Charlie Hobart.

Hobart said that the staff of "United" several times explained the situation to the man. When he refused, they followed the Protocol of the Ministry of transport and urged local law enforcement to forcibly remove him from the plane.
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