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13 of April, 09:52

Stunning reversals trump against NATO, China and Russia Within a few hours after making the policy changes President Donald trump refused positions which were the basis of his campaign. NATO, he said, "is no longer obsolete".

He canceled a threat to brand China a currency manipulator. Later, trump praised the Chairman of the Federal reserve Janet Yellen, which he previously promised to replace, when it will expire its term. It was unclear whether the sudden change of policy trump the result of a new perspective and Outlook.

But the political "gymnastics" trump did not stop there. Days after his administration seemed to have taken an ultra-realistic approach, which would allow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to maintain control of his fractured nation, trump denounced him as a "butcher" for attacks on civilians. "we do not get along with Russia. Perhaps we are at the lowest level, in terms of relations with Russia", - said trump at a press conference in the White house.

On the contrary, trump praised XI Jinping, whom he met in Florida last week, saying that the President of China will help to neutralize the nuclear program of North Korea. At the time, trump called China one of the main competitors of his presidential campaign, saying that the Communist giant was guilty of "rape" of the US economy.

A modified presidential rhetoric in relation to Russia is also likely to reassure American allies, who were deeply concerned about his apparent desire for rapprochement with Moscow - perhaps at the expense of the Western allies.

"It would be fantastic if we could get along with Putin, and if we get along with Russia and it may happen or may not happen, it may be Vice versa, - said trump.
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