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14 of April, 16:06

In the far East for the night was 40 fires In the far East for the night was 40 fires. The forest area of 2 thousand hectares are burning in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories and the Amur region. In risk reserve "Land of leopard".

Primorye in the fire, the orange danger level declared in the region. Early spring, dry weather, strong winds led to the fact that each day it eats hundreds of trees. Now the acres of scorched earth can be observed throughout the Maritime region. Every day on the map there are new fires, the vast majority of them occur because of human irresponsibility. Residents burn down a grass in the fields and pastures, and the fire spread over a vast area.

Three boys from the village Shtykovo was more sensible and responsible than many adults. The children went to the forest for birch SAP and saw that fell rapidly at the holiday village. Wooden houses would like a match. The boys began to put out the fire. The guys tried to get the fire with branches of trees. Was extinguished about 2 hours and just when is almost out the fire, called the fire Department. The diploma of sweetness and a tutorial on the basics of life safety began with awards for the kids. Adult offenders will be bad name: the rescuers figured out how to morally punish those who burn the whole region. Take their photos and place your photo in the media that the country should know its heroes.

Now the region is burning about 1,700 ha of forest. This 7 fires. More likely to suffer Shkotovsky, Khasan, the Guerrilla areas.
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