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14 of April, 16:52

The fans nearly tore the football match Europa League Football fans nearly tore the soccer Europa League match in Lyon. Before the meeting, supporters of the local club and Turkish "Besiktas" have arranged on tribunes a major fight.

Lyon excited: riots at a football match. To restore order, it had to intervene the police. The Quarter-Finals Of The Europa League. The match between the team of Lyon and Turkish "Besiktas". Things started to heat up even before the game. At some point the situation gets out of control. The fans begin to behave aggressively in relation to the police. She is forced to use tear gas.

Most violent offenders are pushed back. But all the evidence suggests that the real mayhem is yet to come. And here 10 minutes before the starting whistle, the fans of the French club was out on the field. They are already at the stadium, attacked the Turkish fans. There were firecrackers and various small items. The stadium was immediately strapped extra police. The match was postponed indefinitely. The game continued, when the bullies finally pacified.

The police all night, not just on duty, they are ready for any eventuality. outfits patrol the stations, the places where are usually most people. While the situation is calm. In Lyon I hope that will do without new emergency.
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