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18 of April, 16:56

Today Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates anniversary Today Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates its anniversary. Multi-faceted talent and artistic expression of the works noted in his congratulatory message Vladimir Putin.

The birthday of people's artist notes in the native theatre of a name of Mayakovsky. She came there while still a student. Today Nemolyaeva will play the role in the premiere performance, which was specially delivered to her anniversary.

Years are just years. On the anniversary of the theatre gave its premiere of actress. But the play by Ostrovsky's "Mad money" has put on this scene half a century ago. But she did not. Theatre youth and childhood, the actress under the camera lens: the father - Comedy Director, mother - zvukopoglotitel. The first role in the film of Konstantin Yudin "the Twins". In 20 years, Svetlana Nemolyaeva is already a star on the screens of Eugene Onegin, the country admires Olga Larin. The next step is adult and conscious, to the theatre.

With the Mayakovsky theater once and for all, for half a century fifty roles. For "twist of fate" was made 8 shots, but Ryazanov said, "don't." When invited in "Office romance", I do not believe myself. Nemolyaeva remembers that shot from the end.

A century of great scenes and great love - her Sasha, actor Alexander Lazarev, left 6 years ago, and after every premiere have his dressing-room fresh flowers. And she's back on the stage, with his granddaughter. In this room, as always, a full house.
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