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25 of April, 16:55

In Orenburg triumphantly returned judoka Robert Mshvidobadze In Orenburg triumphantly returned judoka Robert Mshvidobadze. At the end in Warsaw, the Championships, the athlete won the gold medal. For him this is the first award of the highest test in that level of competition and the first step to the Olympic games in Tokyo.

At the airport of a name of Yury Gagarin Robert greeted as a pioneer. After all, he was the first judoka from Orenburg, who was able to get such a high award - gold European championship. This battle was a turning point, because the rival of Robert in the fight for the semi-finals of Orkhan Safarov - N1 in the world rankings. Here it is, the moment of triumph. The first big gold in her career.

Home of the champion was looking forward to the wife and it is said Robert, his greatest prize in life - a son Nicholas, who was born 4 months ago.

Vacation after the victory will not last long, because the gold of the European championship albeit important, but just a step to the main fights. The dream of athlete is to get to the Olympics. His first great victory of the judoka from Orenburg was for many years, spending every day in the hall for 4 hours, and the path to a gold medal at the Championships in Poland, took only 22 minutes, but again you need to work hard. Training European champion Robert Mshvidobadze starts tomorrow.
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