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11 of May, 15:31

Director Giorgi Shengelaia celebrates anniversary Today marks the anniversary of Georgiy Shengelaya. People's artist of Georgia, the Director was 80 years old. Many of his works won prestigious international awards.

With this festive and southern short films under the picturesque name "Alaverdoba" thesis, taken by the Studio "Georgia-film" in the distant 1962, Georgy Shengelaya started the way a great movie. But even before he made his acting debut in the film "Our yard", and then shooting in a whole constellation of Georgian ribbons. He, the son of a classic of Soviet cinema, directed by Nikolai Shengelaia and the actress NATO Vachnadze, almost was destined to become a filmmaker.

His film "Pirosmani" of the outstanding artist-self-educated became a real phenomenon in the movies. After an intellectual picture "Pirosmani" only removes a sample of the first Georgian musical "melodies of Vera quarter". A melodrama about the love of a coachman and a washerwoman, whose role was played by the wife of Sofiko Chiaureli. Infinitely talented and full of the charm of life, only became a favorite of the audience and the artistic intelligentsia far beyond his native Georgia.

Their creativity Georgy continues to bind the 2 countries, 2 cultures, 2 people are Russian and Georgian in the hundred years of historical context, remaining hereditary intellectual. The culture that it is not a mass, but not closed-elitist. She is a national. In the highest sense of the word. And he continues to be her knight and guardian.
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