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1 of June, 15:38

Near Novosibirsk the children ran out of kindergarten A well-planned escape gave the two pupils of a kindergarten in Novosibirsk. Comparing the facts and checking surveillance cameras, the teachers found that 4-year-old boy persuaded his friend to run to the store for sweets.

Caregiver for only a few seconds stopped to talk to the parents and pupils of average group Andrey and Ilya, without waiting for the others, ran out of the kindergarten building and rushed to the fence. Now on the fence appeared just 2 locks. The gate is now closed during the children's walk, but it was open when the children ran to the road where passing cars.

Will miss 2 children, the teachers raised the alarm and called the police One of the parents drove the child to daycare when she found out that her son was lost. From kindergarten to the store where the kids wanted to buy sweets for almost a kilometer. 4-year-old Andrei and Ilya were almost through the whole neighborhood.

Head of the kindergarten incident in the middle group called a planned escape. As found by the investigators, 4-year-old child at home quietly took the money from his father, they were in the store, the children bought the chips and Board game "battleship".

Establishes the reasons why the children were left unattended, and the reasons why the gate was open, and the children were able to leave. In kindergarten, the official investigation is carried out. The teacher of the middle group reprimanded. She had to look after children, but showed carelessness. Fortunately, 4-year-old kids after this independent and risky campaign remains alive and well.
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