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5 of September, 11:56

Victor Drobysh became the lead your instagram September 2 began the next season of the popular music project called the New star Factory. This time the producer was chosen as is known in the Russian show-business man, Victor Drobysh. Even more Exciting events happened on the same day a little later. Spread information about what Victor Drobysh finally made an account on the network Instagram. So he decided to get closer to the fans of American idol, his fans, to get direct feedback from all the fans of this project.

Here's what he said in his welcome video, "Look I have Instagram envy, not out there, instinct. So, now I'm with you @vdrobysh. Let's see what we have secrets. Let's discuss the most interesting, best to discuss that we cannot discuss anywhere else, only here on the sidelines of Instagram."
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