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7 of September, 16:00

Kim Kardashian has again become a blonde Kim Kardashian, dark-haired Armenian beauty, a lot of fans and many people love her image and style. But we know that she likes to change her appearance.

Remember when she appeared on Paris fashion week in 2015, with platinum blond hair? And many people went off the mind of such courage! Well, again she was a blonde, this time at new York fashion Week. And this time the tone is a little less bright and a little more gray.

Honestly, it looks amazing.

Interesting facts: Kim always gets the blonde to mark great changes in your life.

For example, the first time she tried to whiten it was in 2009 immediately after it went after years of romance with her boyfriend Reggie Bush. The second time was in 2013, shortly after she gave birth to a Nord West. And the third time a few weeks before she told her family that she was pregnant with Saint. So what's the excuse this time? Perhaps the rumors of surrogacy can be true?
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