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8 of September, 10:19

Egor Krid will look for a bride on TNT After 2 months starts shooting season 6 of the show the bachelor on TNT. The main character this time will be a famous singer Yegor creed , which After much deliberation I finally decided to try his luck in the television program.

If all goes well, many girls ' hearts can be broken as Egor Krid after the show to go straight to the Registrar.

Egor Krid very popular singer and in his chart it is difficult to find the time the shooting broke. However, After much thought , Whitney decided to sign the agreement with television channels.

Recall that the format of the show involves a contest, 25 girls for the location, hand and heart Yegor creed, who is only 23 years old.

However, despite his young age, Declan has already met with many famous girls of show business. But today, Egor Krid free to try their luck in the project Bachelor
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