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12 of September, 09:37

Alain Vodonaeva once again married The wedding took place on Monday 11 November in Saint-Petersburg. The chosen one presenter was a musician Alexei Kosinov, with whom Allen began Dating after divorce Aleksey Malakaeva.

Previous husband she had been married for 4 years and bore him a son Bogdan. The wedding was held in a modest chamber setting among close friends and relatives in St. Petersburg.

After the wedding, Alain has promised his fans many photos of this celebration. She thanked everyone who congratulated her that day and filled a holiday WhatsApp messages. She said that she didn't have time to read these greetings, but promised all the messages to read and reply.

Simultaneously, she urged those who would like to give her a gift, pay attention to those who need it more and find it to instagram for those people who need support.
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