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15 of September, 12:39

Died former soloist of group "BandÁ??Eros" Glad Zmanovskaya, the founder of the group "GangsÁ??Eros," died in one of clinics the USA as a result of krovoisliania in the brain.

Happy recently went to America to visit his girlfriend. There she suffered a bout of bleeding in the brain. She was placed in the hospital and underwent intensive treatment, but doctors were powerless and Glad Zmanovskaya at the age of 38 years died.

Fans of "band'eros" you know the iconic song "Columbia pictures is not." This song was first recorded when it was part of a group.

Interesting fact from the biography: full name Rada - Rodica.

Although the Parliament and was the founder of the group, but a year later, after the rise in popularity she left the group. According to one version it was pregnant and taking care of the health of the baby forced her to leave the scene. According to another version the reason for the departure of the Happy group was the business of her husband.

Relatives of the dearly departed former soloist of the group linked the attack brain hemorrhage and recent strong flares occurred on the sun.
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