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18 of September, 09:20

The United States was in a deadlock in the situation with North Korea The American government went to war rhetoric against North Korea than admit that they were deadlocked. This was stated by Alexei Pushkov, Senator, commenting on the bellicose statements made by their representatives to the UN.

Nikki Haley said yesterday that the US has no more means of influence on the North Korean side in order to close its nuclear program. Moreover, she openly threatened the DPRK in complete destruction of the country if her country deems that she or her allies are threatened.

Alexei Pushkov believes that the hysterical statements of the American diploma clearly show that the United States has stalled.

In the same vein, expressed and Franz Klintsevich, who is Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council on security and defense, saying that such irresponsible statements are a farce from America.

The US recently expressed great concern about testing the DPRK's nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles. The last time the Korean military tested a hydrogen bomb, the power of which is much higher bombs dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Earlier the American President Donald trump also threatened the DPRK with war.
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