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18 of September, 10:04

Philip flew on a private jet to Bulgaria Philip had long dreamed of a personal passenger plane and here not long ago his dream came true. According to prices on the market for just 10 million dollars he managed to acquire a Cessna Citation III. Although the aircraft is not new, since its production stopped in 2000, but with good care he is able to safely and securely fly.

The aircraft, which can carry 11 people, Philip was lucky in Bulgaria children and people close to him. The trip is timed for the tour, "I", which started on September 17. A new concert tour dedicated to the anniversary of the singer, who on 30 April, has "knocked" a half-century.

Through your account in instagram Philip informed the fans that at the airport of Sofia, he gave a big press conference, and then immediately went to Varna, where you go to the city of Ruse, where he will be the first concert of the tour.
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