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21 of September, 09:06

Maxim Galkin replied with dignity to the attacks Comedy Club Recently the Comedy Club through its humorous program by the mouth of one of its residents raised the issue of the account management in the network Instagram famous humorist Maxim Galkin.

In his post Maxim Galkin has posted a scanned copy of the photo with Alla Pugacheva and accompanied him not modern words , turns and expressions. The residents of Comedy Club called Maxim Galkin old-fashioned because he used the hashtag "parable" in the post.

Maxim Galkin very adequately responded to the attacks Comedy Club. He did not make excuses , and just posted a new post where he is depicted with Alla Pugacheva and very witty captions. In it he wrote that he is not going to go the old-fashioned and outdated, so make signature in your style - "sweetheart heart photo"

Dead artists were excited and expressed to him his admiration in the comments.
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